Anna Nazo — An enqury into embodiment of cognition. Experiment I

In her art practice and research Anna Nazo focuses on posthumanism: the human body transition. Her work is placed at the intersection of digital–physical performance, experience, body engineering, environment, and contemporary technologies. In the piece An enquiry into embodiment of cognition she experiments with the physical embodiment of cognition. Working with EEG data, she creates a metaphorical journey into a human’s mind and personality. She refers here to Hayles’ posthumanism scenarios on the fate of embodiment in an information age and the cultural and technological construction of the cyborg, which imagines a triumphant transcendence of embodiment and ‘privileges informational pattern over material instantiation’. She furthers these ideas by translating the recording of electrical activity along the scalp into a sculptural responsive surface that reacts to a change of a human’s brain activity – you perform and transmit your own data live. The work uncovers the themes of mixed reality and augmentation in relation to the body. It looks at how the movement affects the performance of the brain, and how the perception of its observation by a performer affects their behavior.

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