Jerry Galle 23 ’ Download

Jerry Galle’s work is all about the sometimes difficult relationship between digital technology and contemporary culture. He uses software and digital imagery in an unconventional way and stresses the role of technology in our daily life and artistic creation. Digital doubt plays an important role in his work. In a society where doubt is considered to be an unproductive quality, technology with its compulsive efficiency has a pervasive effect on our social behavior. However, when digital doubt is injected into a computer system, strange things happen. Galle here explores the way how technological images and texts can produce new meaning. These ‘techno-texts’ and ‘techno-images’ can be geometric or symbolic, playful or dead serious. In his piece 23’ Download a terraformed comet gradually approaches in 3D space. The terraformed stone’s trajectory is narrated by computer generated text talking about its imaging and consequential ownership. The approaching shape is the result of a 23 minute mashed up NASA download. The downloaded files were converted into one 3d printable object with gravity aids, thrown back into space.

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