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Silent Turmoils

sfumato Robert Seidel Installation Version 1 Channel, HD, Color, Sound, 30min USA/Germany 2018/19


Auf dem Weg ins »Heaven« haben sie sich gegenseitig die Erlaubnis gegeben, irgendwann einfach verschwinden zu dürfen. Dorthin, wo keine Regeln existieren. Keine Fragen stellen, keine Antworten geben. Kein Nachdenken über nichts. Nur pures Wollen. Wie jeden Freitag. Selected paintings and objects by Anna Nero. Opening 13. Aug, 18h With reading by Mirna Funk +… Read more »

Automating Humanity

Caroline Sinders Automating Humanity is an online panel discussion series that analyzes and investigates inequity in tech systems within the fields of art, critical design and open source technology. Feminist Data Set Workshop #2 Friday, 19.3. —19h CET Feminist Data Set Workshop #1 Friday, 12.3. —19h CET Across two workshops, we’ll be discussing and coming… Read more »

David Amberg Death Star

Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM and Rainbow Unicorn present Death Star by David Amberg. The video installation investigates themes of authenticity and locality inside a Star Wars video game and tries to grasp how our understanding of these themes is shaped by contemporary digital technology as well as (art)historical images. 1 One time as a… Read more »

Pictoplasma 2019

Laura Callaghan — Panophobia Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator whose work is largely hand-painted using watercolor, gouache, and isograph pen. Taking its title from a highly disputed phobia which translates as „a vague and persistent dread of some unknown evil,“ the work on show reflects a society caught in the choke hold of fear,… Read more »


Overflow: Inexplicable Parts of the Intimate “Nature,” William James said, “is but another name we give to excess.” Once seemingly endlessly abundant, life on earth has been revealed in its fragility and ephemerality. Our computational systems, meanwhile, processing endless layers of data, seem ever more like that natural excess of which James wrote. Reliant on… Read more »


An exhibition that is dedicated to the audio cassette as a tangible element in a digital world. Ferro+ is showcasing a collection of selected artists and small labels publishing on cassettes. It is meant as a listening lounge for the music and space to bring on view cover artworks as a piece of art. Opening… Read more »

Pictoplasma 2018

Rainbow Unicorn is pleased to host Alex Norris for this years Pictoplasma Festival. Alex Norris is an award-winning webcomic creator, best known for the complicated meta-gags of ‘Dorris McComics’ and the relatable ‘Webcomic Name’. Fusing tragedy and comedy he reflects on the frustration of false expectations, human relationships, and the existential insignificance of everything we do. He… Read more »

Machines Experience II

A showcase of works by Harvard (at)metaLAB artists as part of transmediale Vorspiel. The possibilities of artificial intelligence have long seemed futuristic and far-fetched. Today, however, AI technology is making its impact felt in such real-world realms as autonomous vehicles, online searches and feeds, and the criminal justice system. metaLAB (at)Harvard presents Machines Experience II, a… Read more »

Volatile Truths

A group show that is searching for what lies between. ‘Volatile Truths’ asks you to focus your gaze on the ephemeral void and perceive the complexities between trust and perception. It wants to see your blurred vision; the uncertainty and ambiguity between your blinks. Opening Reception 10 Nov 19—22h with a Live Performance by Anna Nazo… Read more »