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The cat was quiet until morning

Drawings, artist books, large paintings and installations, textile works, films and performances – Ivonne Dippmann‘s work is multilayered, full of vibrant energy, experiment and technical precision. Her new installation is a monumental, rotating machine which dominates the space. A diptych is set up by two square frames made of steel, both parts are interconnected by… Read more »


The Library of Gestures is the collection of remains made during multiple nomadic performances. These moments, created by several participants transforming objects through repetitive gestures, are potions prepared by the participants’ efforts. The moments are meant to heal distance (from each other, from purpose…). With the intention to mass produce uniqueness, the library grows session… Read more »


RUSHES is a new series of drawings by Robert Seidel presented alongside a installation variation of his award-winning film VITREOUS. While Seidel is mainly know for his experimental films, projections and video installations the drawing series RUSHES is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the early stages of an installation production, where an… Read more »


Studio Rainbow Unicorn has collected its favorite pieces and showcases them in the T€MPORAR¥ PARADI$€ popup store. You will find art editions, limited music releases, unique design objects and collaborations of international labels.  


Flexns sacred triptych “The battle of Grunwald” refers to the historical painting “Bitwa pod Grunwaldem” of the Polish painter Jan Matejko from 1878. The painting, which is now in the collection of the National Museum of Warsaw, is considered the most well-known artwork of Poland. The conflict between the Teutonic Order, the Grand Duchy of… Read more »

#1: In the game

First gallery groupshow of established and upcoming artists.